3 Reasons Why Tower Box Should Be Your Shoe Storage Solution

3 Reasons Why Tower Box Should Be Your Shoe Storage Solution

3 Reasons Why Tower Box Should Be Your Shoe Storage Solution

Originating in Thailand, Tower Box now dominates the South East Asian market for premium drop-front shoe boxes.  

All sneaker aficionados, are faced by the same challenge, whether they have 8 or 100 pairs of shoes, and that’s storage. Unless they’re Chris Brown, Kayne West or DJ Khaled, it’s unlikely that they’ll have the money to have a sneaker closet, but everyone deserves a great way to store and display they’re shoes. That’s where Tower Box comes in. 

The Thailand based outfit, created by Carnival, produces premium sneaker storage boxes, designed by sneaker lovers. Malaysia currently has the clear version of Tower Box, which you can buy here, and here are 3 reasons why they become the top shoe storage box in South East Asia. 


01   Instagramable

Tower Box not only keep dust and debris away from precious footwear, but also show them off, turning shoes into an aesthetically pleasing addition to a living room, bedroom or closet. Sneakerheads throughout Malaysia fill their walls, not with art work, but with Tower Box. 

02  Customisable 

Tower Box are stackable, its structure allowing for more than 12 boxes to be stacked on top of each other. This customisable form allows sneaker lovers to slowly build up their collection at their own pace, by buying packs of either Tower Box 2 or Tower Box 6.

03  Functional

Along with being the most aesthetic & customisable way of storing your shoes, Tower Box is ultimately very functional. Built with superior quality to competitors, Tower Boxes come semi assembled, so only 3 easy steps to putting it together. To keep sneakers fresh 24/7, each Tower Box has 10 vents, so there won’t be any issues with stinky feet.  

Tower Box is easily the best value premium shoe storage solution available in Malaysia. If you want to turn your sneaker collection into a statement piece any sneakerhead would be proud of, head to showcase.my or any Showcase retail outlet.

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