7 Unspoken Rules Of Being A Sneakerhead

7 Unspoken Rules Of Being A Sneakerhead


Whether you have no clue about sneaker culture or you’ve been an avid collector, there are rules to the game that go without saying. To understand the culture is to respect its history and for every pair released, it’s an evolution of art and inspirations, combined to create memorabilias that decorate the walls, the corners, and the Tower Boxes of every sneaker collector. 

Of course, we don’t expect everyone to be on the same page when it comes to the rules of being a sneakerhead, however there are unspoken rules that should be generally acknowledged amongst fellow collectors. Let’s begin…

1. Buy What You Like, Ignore The Hype

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When it comes to new drops, it’s easy to get swayed into the hype of it all. Influencers and even sometimes sneaker snobs can make you feel FOMO for not being able to cop the latest kicks. Your spending habits shouldn’t be dictated by what others think of your style because at the end of the day, it’s your shoes --- not theirs. It’s okay to buy sneakers that go against its original purpose, most people who rock Jays don’t necessarily hit the hardwood, or even Salomons to go on a hike.

2. Don’t Disrespect Another Person’s Sneakers

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Respect is simple, everyone’s pair of sneakers hold a special meaning to them, and if you can’t respect that, we can’t respect you. Just be happy for them and their purchase, and even throw in a compliment or two ! It’s not a popularity contest.

3. Mismatching Brands Is A Big No-No

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To match or not to match? This question often ponders around in the minds of sneakerheads but only the noble, match their foot mitten brands to their kicks. It may not be easy on the eyes when you mix that big swoop with the three stripes. Perhaps opt for cool socks with no branding, or #sapotlokal with some Budak Baek stoking.

4. White Is Not For The Faint Hearted

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Owning any white shoes is a major responsibility, every stain, crease and spot is visible and while some may like the ‘beat’ look, nothing compares to a pristine, crisp white pair. Struggling to keep your shoes fresh? Swing any of our Showcase outlets and we’ll take care of it!

5. (Re)Lace Up

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New shoes, what do you do? Re-lace! No one should walk around with factory set laces, it throws off the entire vibe of your fit...mmm don’t think so.

6. Don’t Flex The Fakes

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Remember when Yeezys were hyped and everyone was rocking them counterfeits? Ya, I can guess what you’re feeling. Look, I know earlier I’ve mentioned that you can buy whatever you want, but as a serious sneakerhead, this culture has got to go. Shoes are an investment, so be careful when you purchase them off third-party sites and don’t easily be attracted to ‘lower than market price’ labels.

7. Not The Mids Bro

(source: ebay.com)


Seriously, don’t wear the mids. Unless it’s a special collaboration, wearing mids it’s not the vibe. In the resell market, it doesn’t do too well either so it’s not really worth the chase unless you personally like it. 


So remember, 

DOs: high or lows,

DON’Ts: mids (unless they’re collabs)

Now that you’re all caught up, hope you gained a few pointers from this! Do you have any unspoken rules as a fellow sneakerhead? Let us know in the comments or on our socials!


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