Common Mistakes Made When Cleaning Your White Shoes

Common Mistakes Made When Cleaning Your White Shoes

Common Mistakes Made When Cleaning Your White Shoes

Breathe life back into your old pair of white sneakers


Like every other pair of shoes, the experiences you carry that sit beneath your toes hold memories, ones that you cherish for a lifetime. From your early school days in your white canvas shoes to your first pair of white Air Force 1s, everyone at one point of their life has had their pristine white shoes stained from unforgettable moments...but sometimes, some stains are a little harder to remove.  

Not every shoe can be cleaned off with just a little water and bleach ( --- not the most gentle choice for cleaning by the way). Take a look at your white shoes, are they yellow or starting to lose its shine? Here’s a few reasons why:

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1. The chemical reactions to the sun.

As exciting as it is to wear your shoes fresh from a wash, drying it under the sun may oxidise your shoes after being exposed to the air for a long period of time, causing it to turn yellow. 

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2. Using detergent

How many of you are guilty of this? For those who aren’t well-versed in sneaker cleaning, detergents may also cause yellowing, as it’s meant to be used for washing clothes primarily. When rinsing your shoes, it might still contain some detergent. So placing it under the sun to dry may force the color to change. 

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3. A combo of sweat and dirt

On hot days, your shoes could easily get sweaty and dirty, depending on how you wear them out. Even after a wash, the stains aren’t completely cleansed, hence the yellow marks on your shoes.

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4. It’s all in the sole

The most exposed part of your shoes is the sole.  If not cleaned properly, dirt may remain inside the shoe which causes it to turn yellow when dried out after a wash. It’s important to wash it separately to prevent other parts of the shoe from getting dirty.

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For any serious shoe collector, spending an hour on cleaning sneakers is nothing new. One might even find it relaxing, and a great de-stresser for when you want to clear your mind and disconnect from the world. 


However, for some of us who are new to sneaker cleaning, this may not be easy. Luckily there’s a handful of places that offer sneaker cleaning services, but here at Showcase, we like to get a little more hands-on with your valuable collection. 


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