Why Every Sneakerhead Should Know Crep Protect

Why Every Sneakerhead Should Know Crep Protect

Why Every Sneakerhead Should Know Crep Protect

The spray that's infecting the sneaker community, respectfully

In the ever-changing world of fashion, cultures and trends, merging together to birth timeless pieces that grace the closets of unique individuals; embodying someone’s favorite tees, favorite jeans, or perhaps their first favorite pair of shoes…

If you’re someone like me, who’s new to the world of sneaker fashion, you might wonder why someone would spend thousands on a piece that’s exposed to the most dirt and stains compared to the rest of our body. 


The answer is simple: It’s more than a shoe; it’s about preserving a culture. 


(source: Nike, Highsnobiety)


Sneaker collection has been around as early as the 1980s. With the emergence of Micheal Jordan’s iconic Air Jordans sneaker line released in 1985 and the rise of hip hop music, the sneakers became a status symbol on the streets, catalysing a movement which slowly made its way around the globe, attributing a group of sneaker collectors known today as, sneakerheads. 


Like preserving an art piece, your shoes need a certain level of upkeep. While there are many brands out there that provide exceptional quality of services and products that cater to the needs of sneakerheads, one brand in particular stands out from the rest. 

(Source: Dj Khaled)


With DJ Khaled and Khaleel Majid as one of the many faces of this premium sneaker care line, Crep Protect has received much recognition amongst consumers worldwide. Having stores across London to Dubai as well as globally certified resellers such as Showcase, Crep Protect has made sneaker cleaning more accessible and even stylish to one’s shoe collection.

(Source: Crep Protect)


Their Crep Protect Spray is one of the brand's best-sellers. Delivering astonishing results when it comes to protecting, restoring and reviving your fave pairs. Using Nanotechnology, Crep Protect Sprays provide a powerful protective coating on the surface of shoes and are waterproof; perfect for tropical countries like Malaysia. 

(Source: Crep Protect)


It can be used on suede, canvas, linen and nubuck surfaces. Check out this tutorial from DJ Khaled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEh4f0K_d9k 

Ready to level up your sneaker care game? Check out our range of Crep Protect products on Showcase or send your fave pair of sneakers to any of our stores for premium cleaning now!


Our stores: 

 MidValley [3rd Floor]

Contact: +603 2202 1246

Opening Hours: Daily, 10am - 10pm


Sunway Pyramid [1st Floor]

Contact: +60 12 779 3843

Opening Hours: Daily, 10am - 10pm


South Key Mall [3rd Floor]

Contact: +60 12 771 6703

Opening Hours: Daily, 10am - 10pm


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