Get To Know, Budak Baek, Malaysia’s Latest Iconic Streetwear Brand

Get To Know, Budak Baek, Malaysia’s Latest Iconic Streetwear Brand

Get To Know, Budak Baek, Malaysia’s Latest Iconic Streetwear Brand

Let’s Talk Baek-Baek...

In the world of hip-hop music and fashion, it’s almost impossible to imagine one existing without the other. While music amplifies the stories, inserting melodic depths into the soul of a culture, fashion takes these invisible notes and translates them into wearable muse.

Malaysia, in her abundance of beauty and rich cultural influence has birthed a whole new generation of fashion-preneurs , establishing their legacy within the realm of music and street culture.

A brand that has perfected this balance is none other than Budak Baek.

Birthed from the mind of multi-talented hip hop artiste Joe Flizzow, Budak Baek’s journey started in 2015 and has thus far proven to be successful in merging KL’s street culture with it’s thriving music scene.

Every collection released has its own unique localised twist on it with their latest, the Parody Series, tapping into our nostalgic side; unlocking an old memory every time we see it. Their Baek Balm tees feature the classic tiger logo, inspired by Tiger Balm, a staple in all Malaysians' homes.

Budak Baek has also collaborated with household brands such as New Era and local artists like, DJ Cza. From famous celebs to your everyday Grab rider, the Budak Baek logo spreads across Malaysian feeds and streets, being an affordable, but relatable alternative to international streetwear brands.



Like what you’ve seen so far? Check out the Budak Baek collections on our website, or at our stores:


MidValley [3rd Floor]
Contact: +603 2202 1246
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am - 10pm

Sunway Pyramid [1st Floor]
Contact: +60 12 779 3843
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am - 10pm

South Key Mall [3rd Floor]
Contact: +60 12 771 6703
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am - 10pm

Queensbay Mall [3rd Floor, South Zone]
Contact: +60 11 6242 4200
Opening Hours: Daily, 10an – 10pm


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