Last Minute Showcase Gift Guide For Every Personality Type

Last Minute Showcase Gift Guide For Every Personality Type

Last Minute Showcase Gift Guide For Every Personality Type

Last Minute Gift Shopping? Here’s Our Ultimate Gift Guide Based On Personality Types

Mall’s filled with the sounds of footsteps, chatter, cards being swiped and food being eaten, nothing is more Malaysian, and every Christmas, it is never more apparent. Now with SOPs, there’ll be more queuing, scanning and social distancing, but mall’s are still the go to place for gifts.

If you’re still feeling a bit uncomfortable browsing the malls with thousands of others, but you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for your loved ones, we gotchu! 

Here’s our ultimate gift guide from for all personality types!

1. The Analyst (INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, ENTP)

When finding the perfect gift for an Analyst, bear in mind that they are the intuitive and thinking personality types known for being perfectionists holding high standards for themselves in work and their personal life. However, they are great problem solvers and love deep diving beyond  the surface when it comes to their imagination.

2. The Diplomats (INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, ENFP)

Diplomats share an intuitive and feeling personality trait, known for being very kind and generous; often preferring to cooperate than compete with others. They long for human connections, making them great empaths. When it comes to gifting, they appreciate anything whether it’s big or small, as long as it holds meaning.

3. The Sentinels (ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, ESFJ)

Sentinels share Observant and Judging personality traits. They are self-confident and take pride in who they are; often seeking order, security and stability. Because of this, they hold a good reputation for themselves within groups or even work places. They don’t rely on anyone’s external validation to find inspiration. Sentinels don’t like surprises, instead they appreciate thoughtful simple gifts that aligns to their interests.


4. The Explorers (ISTP, ISFP, ESTP, ESFP)

Last but not least, Explorers! They share Observing and Prospective personality traits, making them interesting and fun individuals to be around. They have a zest for life and don't hold back when it comes to expressions and reactions. Choosing gifts for Explorers are probably the easiest since they are all about enjoying the experiences in life and they love spontaneity.

To get all these gifts and more, just head to , and have a safe and physically distant season of giving!

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